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Brian & Carol
Start your day the right way!
Today’s Weather, News, & Events
Plus lots of fun and the best
Country music from today and the past!
All with Brian & Carol on the Bear!

Danny Mac & The Back in the Day Cafe
He’s your mid-day companion!
Whether you’re at work or home
Danny’s great to have around.
He will keep you informed…
And NOBODY plays more music!

Chadalac and the Afternoon Drive
He makes your drive home fun!
Music, Sports, Entertainment!
And of course… NASCAR!
Chadalac takes away the stress
And makes your drive easier!


Uncle Rich
Mon - Uncle Rich and Wanda Lynn
Tues - Uncle Rich and Jan Marshall
Wed - Southern Race Report
           Uncle Rich and Amber Edwards
Thu - Uncle Rich and Carol Chambers
Fri - High School Sports Show

About 92.5 The Bear

WEKS Began broadcasting on July 16, 1990. The original studios were located in Griffin GA. The studio facility is now located on Highway 16, next to Big Chic, behind the car wash in Senoia GA. The radio station started as a 6,500 watt FCC designated facility and after petitioning and license granting to Legacy Media Holdings, the station is now 25,000 watts and covers a large portion of the central part of the state of Georgia.

The station is listed in the Arbitron media ratings as a member of the "Atlanta Market' The 7th largest radio market in the US. Legacy Media holdings acquired the station from former owner Chuck Tarkenton in 2007 and has made vast improvements to both facilities and equipment. The station's main studio is located on Hwy 16. 1 mile north of downtown Senoia GA and has an excellent view of the street and community.

WEKS 92.5 FM THE BEAR is the stations moniker and the station even has its own mascot a large Bear named "Bubba the Bear" The Bear (as it is known on air) is a country station that features "Today's Country plus the Legends". It has a very wide and varied playlist and can easily play a top ten song one minute and a legend from country radio's past the next. The station prides itself on being "Live and local" and uses very little automation opting for "real people and real personalities" on the air instead of relying on a computer to "run the station". The ownership group including General Manager Joe Pedicino believe in live and local radio to service the community . "We are a community station" states Pedicino. "If something is going on in our area, we are talking about it as it happens". The trend in terrestrial radio over the last several years has been automation and less focus on the community in most stations, but not at The Bear. This station prides itself on being a part of the active south metro Atlanta community.

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Coweta Fayette EMC Storm Center


Powers Heating and Air Local Weather Source

Bad Weather Coming? Don't wait until it hits...Track nasty weather.. RIGHT HERE ON OUR WEBSITE! 92.5 The Bear is YOUR local weather source. Join us for your local forecast, school notices and more!

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